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Vanilla Delight Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotion Blogger Review by ""

Blogger Product Review

black canyon vanillya delight body lotion

Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Body Lotion

I am a huge lover of body lotion. I find it is something that can fix many problems like giving kids a massage to calm them down at night to just moisturizing skin in general. As an added bonus, the scented ones help you smell great with you putting on perfume. I was more then thrilled to try this Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion.



  • 8 oz. of body lotion


I would honestly say I get this from my mother when I say lotion is great. I think I have become a masseuse. Little E. for sure loves a good massage. On days when she is resultless or just needs some relaxation time, she calls me over to give her a deep tissue massage complete with lotion.

While Big C. is less touchy feel, she does like the good smell of lotion on her hands. As for me, my skin is always dry so having something to moisturize it is a must so trying Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion was a no biggie.

For a lotion, I can say I am totally impressed. The question is where to begin.


vanilla delight body lotion

Cream Texture

One of the first thinks I look for in lotions is the texture. Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion was great. It came out in a nice white, semi-transparent color. The lotion was not very thick. It was surprisingly on the thin side, but thick enough to stay put when applied to the skin. It also and a little bit of a silkiness to it. I always get nervous when creams are easy to rub in because that often means greasy texture. To my great surprise, this rubbed right into the skin and left it feeling nice and smooth. This not only makes me happy, but  I can let the girls use it independently without having to worry about to much mess.


I am all into smell. If I could, I would totally share the smell with you. The only way I can describe it is HEAVEN. The smell is more of a vanilla smell. It is a nice rich vanilla smell but at the same time not to overpowering as to make me choke. I am telling you, if you are not in need of a lotion at this time, just purchase Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion to smell it. It is so amazing.

Actual performance:

As far as the actual performance of Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion I can say it works like any other body lotion. It was easy to apply and my skin absorbed it pretty fast. There was not oil residue or unwanted stickiness.


  • easy to use pump that locks
  • soften and smooths skin
  • smells amazing
  • large bottle


  • While Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion feels and acts like luxury cream, the actual bottle is not. It is a label thrown onto a basic bottle. With everything else going for this, maybe something more luxurious.

Bottom Line:

Do I really need a bottom line? Well since I need to sum it up, I am loving this lotion. I can apply it and smell the delicious vanilla scent all day. If you are in the market for a body lotion, this is so the one. It is great for the whole family. Okay well maybe not your teen sons. Anyway I will be using the Black Canyon Vanilla Delight Premium Body Lotion on myself and my girls.


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