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Black Canyon Scent Description

Scent: Animal Cracker (Animal Cracker)
Scent: Applecadabra (Fruity apple, eucalyptus and spice)
Scent: Apples & Oranges (Apples, Oranges, and Christmas Spices)
Scent: Apricot Mango (Juicy mangos with sweet apricots)
Scent: Arizona (A delicate and feminine scent with notes of cactus flower, orange blossom, sage, jasmine and rose with a woody base)
Scent: Baby Powder (Fresh and clean Baby Powder Scent)
Scent: Bacon (sweet and smokey applewood bacon)
Scent: Banana Taffy (Smooth, sweet and tangy Banana Taffy scent)
Scent: Basil & Berries (Herbacious Basil with fruity blackberry and raspberry)
Scent: Berry Crunch (Just like the cereal! A sweet and salty mixture of pie crust, strawberry, and sugary vanilla)
Scent: Birthday Cake
Scent: Black Cherry
Scent: Black Cola (Rich dark cola. All that's missing is the fiz!)
Scent: Black Currant Vanilla (Red raspberries and ripe black currants swirled with golden vanilla and garnished with fresh citrus).
Scent: Black Fig & Honey (Sweetly intense Fig and clove honey)
Scent: Black Gold (Sweet and musky blend)
Scent: Black Raspberry Lemonade (A cool, sweet and tangy summer treat. Ripe raspberries with mouth-watering lemonade)
Scent: Black Raspberry Vanilla
Scent: Black Satin (Cognac and Currants)
Scent: Blackberry (Juicy and fresh picked blackberries with their dark, fragrant sweetness)
Scent: Blackberry & Sage (Dry woody sage with tart blackberry)
Scent: Blackberry Tangerine (Dark, sweet blackberries and acidic tangerines)
Scent: Blackberry Boogie (A delicious berry and amber blend)
Scent: Blood Orange (Ripe, juicy, and slightly acidic blood orange)
Scent: Bluebells & Daffodils
Scent: Blueberry (Ripe hand picked blueberries on a vanilla base)
Scent: Brown Sugar & Fig (Lusciously sweet and Chewy fig with molasses and sugar)
Scent: Bubblegum
Scent: Bug Juice (strawberry, apricot, peach, candied bananas)
Scent: Butt Naked (A sweet mix of strawberry, coconut and pineapple with a sugary vanilla base).
Scent: Calm (Chamomile & Lavender). (A Calming blend of chamomile and lavender)
Scent: Candy (Sugary sweet candy)
Scent: Candy Apple (A sharp and crisp apple drenched in candy sweetness)
Scent: Candy Cane (Sweet Peppermint Candy Cane)
Scent: Candy Corn
Scent: Caramel Apple (A crisp fall apple drenched in sweet caramely goodness)
Scent: Caramel Pumpkin (warm pumpkin pie drenched in a sweet and sugary caramel sauce)
Scent: Caribbean Coconut (Coconut on a fruity tropical base)
Scent: Caribbean Cotton (Fresh linen on an ocean breeze)
Scent: Carnation (A spicy yet clean floral scent)
Scent: Charmed (Our version of your favorite Lucky breakfast cereal)
Scent: Cherry Blossom Blast (Japanese Cherry Blossom)
Scent: Cherry Vanilla Dr Black (Our version of your favorite Dr soft drink with cherry and vanilla)
Scent: Chocolate Mint (Sweet milk chocolate and cool peppermint)
Scent: Christmas Eve (cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar wood, sage tempered with very frankincense and myrrh for warmth and comfort)
Scent: Christmas Miracles (Mulled holiday fruits and spices with hints of vanilla)
Scent: Christmas Morn (pine, fir, evergreen and mistletoe against a subtle backdrop of vanillas and warm spices)
Scent: Christmas Oranges (cinnamon, orange and clove essential oils)
Scent: Christmas Splendor (holiday spices with orange and berries on a foundation of vanilla)
Scent: Christmas Wish (Orange Vanilla and Pine)
Scent: Cinnamon Sugar Toast (Soft sugar notes blend with dark cinnamon and cloves, all picked up by a bright note of citrus and warm vanilla)
Scent: Cinnamon Apple (Warm Cooked apples, cinnamon, and sweet sugar)
Scent: Citrus Basil (Lemon, Lime and grapefruit with fresh ground basil)
Scent: Coco Crunch (Chocolately crunchy breakfast cereal)
Scent: Coconut Ginger & Almond (Coconut and ground almonds with hints of lime and ginger on a smooth vanilla base)
Scent: Coconut Lemongrass (Sweetened coconut and fresh cut lemongrass)
Scent: Cotton Candy
Scent: Cranberry Christmas (Fresh pressed cranberries and laurel)
Scent: Cranberry Cobbler
Scent: Cranberry Spice (Spices cranberries & oranges)
Scent: Crayons
Scent: Cucumber Melon (Cool crisp cucumber and ripe summer melon)
Scent: Cucumber Mint (Cool crisp cucumber and spicy mint)
Scent: Daisy Mountain (Desert daisies with peach blossoms and grapefruit)
Scent: Dark Ale (beer, glorious beer!)
Scent: Delicious (Golden Delicious Apples on a floral base)
Scent: Deserted Island (Creamy coconut on a vanilla base)
Scent: Dr Black (Our version of your favorite Dr soft drink)
Scent: Drunken Coconut (Coconut and Almond Liquor)
Scent: Eden's Apple (Sweet and tart country apple)
Scent: Egg Nog
Scent: El Encanto (An enchanting mix of Citrus, Pomegranate, honeysuckle, vanilla and sandalwood).
Scent: Elf Farts (Cinnamon and Sassafras
combine with Lily and Almond
on a Vanilla base)
Scent: Estrella (cumin, chipotle, spicy red peppers and sweet bell pepper)
Scent: Eternal Beauty
Scent: Eternal Kiss (A romantic blend of lavender, bergamot, rose, jasmine, violet, ylang and lily of the valley)
Scent: Eucalyptus
Scent: Eucalyptus Mint (Cool mint and spicy Eucalyptus)
Scent: First Kiss (Patchouli, sugary vanilla and powdery raspberry)
Scent: Flower Power (Gerber Daisy, Forget Me Nots, and Babies Breath in a spring bouquet. This rich flower scent isnt overpowering or too florally)
Scent: Forbidden Fantasy (A soft and succulent berry scent)
Scent: Forget Me Not & Citrus (Spring Forget Me Nots and summer citrus blend into a rich feminine blend)
Scent: French Fries
Scent: French Kiss (A strong spicy floral type with top notes of sweet peach and exotic ylang on a vanilla base)
Scent: French Toast
Scent: Friday (sweet fruity apple and pear, a fun and youthful fragrance that brings out your adventurous side for the weekend)
Scent: Frozen (Orange, Lemon and Cherry Middle - Clove and Cinnamon Base on a Vanilla Musk base)
Scent: Green Tea & Lemongrass (Fresh cut lemongrass and soothing green tea)
Scent: Honey & Almond (sweet raw honey and ground almond on a vanilla base)
Scent: Hookah
Scent: Intensity (Orange Pear Pomegranate)
Scent: Invigor (Coconut Lime Verbena)
Scent: Juicy Mango (Ripe and juicy Mango)
Scent: Juicy Strawberry (Sweet and juicy summer strawberries)
Scent: Juniper Berry (Crushed juniper berries on a winter morn)
Scent: Kiwi & Coconut (Tart, tangy and fruit Kiwi blends effortlessly with sweetened Coconut)
Scent: Kiwi Cucumber Wine Cooler (A wine cooler made with Juicy Kiwis and clean crisp cucumber)
Scent: Lavender & Coconut
Scent: Lavender & Rosemary (Tranquil Lavender Fields with aromatic Rosemary)
Scent: Lemon Drop (Sweet and sugary coated tart lemon candy)
Scent: Lime & Mango (Tart and tangy lime with sweet juicy mangos)
Scent: Malibu Rum Cupcake (A sweet and sugary rum based cake)
Scent: Mango Beachwood (honeyed fruit & cream, middle notes of ginger and anise with a sugary vanilla bottom)
Scent: Mango Grapefruit
Scent: Mango Madness (A fruity mango tropical type with top notes of mandarin, orange and grapefruit, middle notes of peach, coconut and jasmine, with base notes of vanilla, raspberry and peach)
Scent: Mango Mania (Mangos, juicy pineapple, tropical berries and sweet sugarcane)
Scent: Mango Salsa (Fresh and fruity mango, citrus, and vanilla with spicy undertone)
Scent: Monkey Farts (Banana and pineapple mixed with apples on a smooth vanilla base)
Scent: Moonlight (Raspberry, Melon, Citrus with a slight floral note)
Scent: Mother's Day (cherry blossoms, and spring citrus blossoms)
Scent: Mummy Farts (Wormwood, Black Currant, Cognac and Spicy notes)
Scent: My Valentine (sensual flowers, exotic sandalwood and intoxicating spices)
Scent: Napa valley (freshly pressed merlot grapes)
Scent: Night Blooming Jasmine (Jasmine, ylang and rose. Woody base notes give the fragrance a warm well rounded finish)
Scent: Orangesicle (creamy vanilla ice cream with sweet sugary orange)
Scent: Orchard Breeze (Lemon and Orange Blossoms on an afternoon breeze)
Scent: Out on the Farm (Fresh cut hay and wheat fields)
Scent: Paradise Valley (Coconut, mango and driftwood)
Scent: Peach Cilantro (sweet peaches and spicy cilantro)
Scent: Peach Hibiscus (Juicy peaches and sweet hibiscus nectar)
Scent: Pear & Black Currant (A rich blend of pear, peach, currants and orange).
Scent: Pecan Pie
Scent: Peppermint Passion (Peppermint & Vanilla)
Scent: Pepperoni Pizza (A cheesy slice of Chicago Style heaven)
Scent: Pleasant Grove (Orange, Lemon, and grapefruit)
Scent: Plumeria (Plumeria Blossoms)
Scent: Pomegranate
Scent: Pomegranate & Pear (Juicy Pear with sparkling pomegranate)
Scent: Pomegranate Mango (Pomegranate seeds and juicy mango)
Scent: Popcorn (salty and buttery popcorn)
Scent: Pot Heads (sweet and pungent dry bud)
Scent: Pumpkin Delight (cinnamon sugar pumpkin)
Scent: Pumpkin Spice (Cinnamon and spice and everything nice combine into what's sure to be a fall favorite)
Scent: Rainkissed Mimosa (Mimosa after a monsoon)
Scent: Raspberry Sorbet (Sweet and tart raspberries sorbet with lemon peel)
Scent: Reindeer Farts (fragrant pine and fir, sprinkled with lilies of the valley and jasmine)
Scent: Relax (Lavender Vanilla)
Scent: Root Beer Float (Rich earthy root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream)
Scent: Rosemary Fig & Ginger.
Scent: Rosemary Mint (Fresh mint and crushed rosemary)
Scent: Salted Caramel (Rich and creamy caramel, rock salt, and a hint of chocolate)
Scent: Seaside Citrus (Mediterranean lime and grapefruit on a light tropical base)
Scent: Seaside Hideaway (Pineapple, Casaba Melon & Creamy Coconut)
Scent: Secret Lover (Juicy Peach and Cherry Blossom)
Scent: Shirley Temple (sweet fruity and fizzy cherry)
Scent: Simply Seductive (black currants combine with woody oak for a mysterious and romantic fragrance)
Scent: Simply Sensual (melons, citrus fruits and berries)
Scent: Simply Sexy (myrrh, dragons blood and patchouli)
Scent: Simply Sinful (Bergamot, Golden Peach, Mimosa, Vanilla and Dulce De Leche)
Scent: Simply Smitten (Pear and banana and decorated with a fresh bouquet of jasmine over a musky base)
Scent: Slushy (cold, fruity, and sweet slushy)
Scent: Southern Belle (Apricot and Peaches)
Scent: Spring Morn (Lilies and Lilacs)
Scent: Strawberry Banana (Sweet Bananas and juicy strawberries)
Scent: Strawberry Secrets (Strawberry Cucumber and Melon)
Scent: Summer Showers (Fresh clean rain with undertones of mossy wood)
Scent: Summer Sunflower (Sunflower fields)
Scent: Summer Sunset (Coconut, Berries, and Orange)
Scent: Summer Sunshine (tangerine, golden apricot, sparkling mandarin and exotic berries)
Scent: Sweet Pea (This isn't your Grandmothers sweet pea. Rich, spicy, and sweet floral type)
Scent: Sweet Pea & Ivy (Sweet Pea with green Ivy, juniper and Ylang).
Scent: Sweet Summer Citrus (Pineapple and citrus)
Scent: Tahitian Twist (Rosemary and a twist of citrus)
Scent: Three Kings (Fruity Apple with eucalyptus, clove, and vanilla sugar)
Scent: Tootie Fruitie (Your favorite fruitie cereal loops)
Scent: Tropical Storm (sparkling mandarin, juicy melon, apple with coconut, violet and jasmine)
Unscented (Fragrance Free) (Perfect for those with fragrance allergies or those who want to add their own fragrance or essential oils)
Scent: Unwind with Lavender, Chamomile, and Eucalyptus
Scent: Vanilla Delight (Vanilla and brown sugar)
Scent: White Pepper Lavender (Calming Lavender with spicy white pepper)
Scent: Wild Berry & Tulips (Fresh spring tulips and wild blackberries)

Payden's Cobalt Scent Description

Scent: 27 (oak, cedar, mandarin, musk and amber)
Scent: Agua Fria: (fresh ozone, melon, grapefruit and cassis)
Scent: Banana Bay Rum (A unique blend of sweet Bananas mixed with a premium Bay Rum scent)
Scent: Bay Rum (A premium Bay Rum scent).
Scent: Citrus & Pine
Scent: Copper (Fresh shaving cream and musk on a pressed merlot grape base)
Scent: Cowboy (Rugged Leather on a cedar base)
Scent: Denim (Fresh Cotton Linen)
Scent: Diesel (spicy, sweet and refined, brisk citrus with accents of lemon and oakmoss)
Scent: Fathers Day (Fresh cut wood)
Scent: Gunmetal (Mint, Cucumber, Black basil and Citruses)
Scent: New River (a cool crisp river running through the desert)
Scent: Orange & Cedar (Orange and Citrus on a cedar base)
Scent: Platinum (lime, basil, and pine on a sandalwood base)
Scent: Prime (mint with hints of lavender and patchouli. Extra fresh and masculine)
Scent: Rust (A warm, pleasant, and sweet Cherry Tobacco)
Scent: Seven Springs (cool crisp water and greenery)
Scent: Silver (A Masculine Citrus and wood fragrance with notes of lime, rose, and a woody base)
Scent: Temptation. (Rich and sweet dark chocolate and fresh juicy orange on a light musk base)
Scent: Wood & Whiskey (Fresh cut pine and bourbon)